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What is Text Inside the Frame?

This is the only online tool at MarsFn.com that allows you to quickly write text in the frame with each word surrounded by the border. With the text created, you can share the text on Facebook, Instagram Skype or Youtube comments.

You need a typeface to impress Crush, friends or colleagues in a group Chat, Comments, or even Status. Just use this tool to create the words you want.

How to use Text Inside the Frame

For example: I want to impress my friends with the words:

I love MarsFn.com

After doing the transformation with the tool above, I will get the following line:

|͇̿I͇̿| |͇̿L͇̿||͇̿O͇̿||͇̿V͇̿||͇̿E͇̿| |͇̿M͇̿||͇̿A͇̿||͇̿R͇̿||͇̿S͇̿||͇̿F͇̿||͇̿N͇̿||͇̿:͇̿||͇̿C͇̿||͇̿O͇̿||͇̿M͇̿|

Now, just copy-and-pasted into Facebook, Instagram and Twitter updates, Text Messages, and even YouTube comments.

Text Inside the Frame Generator

Just type text, words, letters, or symbols here:
Copy this text to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Gmail, Word, etc


See how these words look on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube; and on Mac, Windows, iPhone and Android devices.

Text Inside the Frame

Text Inside the Frame – Instagram

Text Inside the Frame 1

Text Inside the Frame – Youtube comments

Text Inside the Frame 1

Text Inside the Frame – Facebook

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  1. |͇̿I͇̿| |͇̿L͇̿||͇̿O͇̿||͇̿V͇̿||͇̿E͇̿| |͇̿T͇̿||͇̿H͇̿||͇̿I͇̿||͇̿S͇̿| |͇̿T͇̿||͇̿O͇̿||͇̿O͇̿| |͇̿M͇̿||͇̿U͇̿||͇̿C͇̿||͇̿H͇̿|. You know my thought now 😀

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